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June 2-3, 2018

Join us for a weekend seminar with renowned teacher and aikidoka Pat Hendricks Shihan.

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At the Golden Triangle Aikido dojo, students are taught in a challenging and structured atmosphere in a traditional manner. Key principles of teaching are followed:

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If you wish to sign up for classes, please fill out the application form and the appropriate waiver:

Adult Classes

Adult class sizes are managed to maintain an individualized system. Come and try a class for free or enroll in a beginner's course. All you need are track pants and a T-shirt. Check the schedule for times or call 519-577-8235 for more information.

Each student chooses to study a martial art for their own personal reasons. Here at Golden Triangle Aikido students are studying Aikido because:

Children's Classes

Children are our future, and in today's society they are largely ignored. This leads to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, which can follow them into adulthood. Keeping this in mind, we strive to meet the following goals:

Instruction is initially centered around physical exercises designed to improve the motor skills and increase physical coordination. After introducing these exercises and achieving the desired results, the children are then taught how to fall without hurting themselves. Overcoming the fear of falling is vital to the elevation of self-confidence. After the students are comfortable with falling, (basic martial arts principles of movement ), the children are given basic instruction in the techniques of Aikido. Class sizes are managed to provide individualized instruction. Parents are welcome to train with their child and other parents. Come and try a class, just wear track pants and a T-shirt.


Beginner's Course Special - 1 month
Adults/students - $50, includes uniform
Children - $30, include uniform

Regular Fees
Single class - $15.00
Adults - $85/month (up to 8 classes offered /week)
Students - $70/month (up to 8 classes offered /week)
Annual registration - $55/year

Children's classes - $50/month (1 class/week on Wednesdays)
Additional siblings - $45/month (1 class/week on Wednesdays)

Families/couples - Please inquire
Private/semi-private classes - Please inquire

Stefan Sensei guest teaching at Shugyo dojo in Toronto.